When it comes to hiring a new accountant you are bound to have questions.  If you have a query or concern that is not answered here please give us a call on 01274 580100 to talk it through.

You will be fined if you are late in filing your tax return with HMRC.  We will work with you to try and ensure your paperwork is sent to us in good time so that returns can be filed before the deadline.  We will also highlight dates for payments to HMRC but it is your responsibility to make the payment before the deadline.

It depends on the size and status of your business as well as the complexity of your business entity.

Our rates are competitive – contact us to talk through your business needs and we can give you a price from there.

Yes we can! We work with businesses of all sizes, including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Yes.  Our clients are based throughout the country – from just down the road to the Isle of Wight!  We will visit you in your premises, but the majority of our work can be done via phone, post and email.

You need to be VAT registered once your turnover exceeds £82,000 a year, or £1,575 a week.  We can handle your VAT registration with HMRC for you.

You just need to let us have the details of your previous accountant and we will liaise with them to do the rest.

We work with businesses of all sizes.  If your business is very small, with a low turnover, you may not feel it is necessary to have an accountant.  It might be that you use an accountant for ‘one off’ services and pay them a set fee or an hourly rate.

Contact us for a chat about your business needs.

Depending on the size and needs of your business you may wish to use an accountant to help you prepare a business plan and financial forecasts from the outset.  We can help with your company registration, setting you up with Companies House and HMRC.

Alternatively you may prefer to get us on board once you have got your business up and running.

You can do your own tax return, but it’s always best to get advice first.  Tax returns can be very time consuming and you may not feel confident in submitting your own figures.  It may be that it would cost more in your time than you would pay an accountant.  Plus you get peace of mind in knowing that your return has been completed and filed by a professional.

Managing the financial side of your business can be daunting – dealing with your income, expenditure, payroll and VAT, keeping tabs of your cashflow and dealing with government paperwork.

An accountant has the knowledge and expertise to deal with your finances, saving you time, relieving stress and freeing you up to focus on running your business. We can also offer advice at every stage of your company’s growth.